State of Your Year: Staring at Screens

Yesterday’s WordPress daily prompt asked bloggers to give a “state of your year” update because 2013 is more than halfway over. (Already?) So here’s my update:

I suppose I’m doing fairly well on my New Year resolutions. I’ve managed to stay away from the library and get through a bunch of the books that have been lying around the house. I’m making good progress with XIII (although I did have to extend my own deadline—more details on that later this week). Blogging has been going well (thank you to all who read my ramblings). XIII has kept me from worldbuilding for my other group of stories, so worldbuilding is technically the only resolution I’m behind with.

My more tentative resolutions: I did not complete Camp NaNo April, but I finished Camp NaNo July. Still unsure as to whether I want to participate in November. XIII will probably monopolize the month, but that’s expected.

As for real life, I have learned a lot of new things this year so far and have gotten some new perspectives. I hope that learning will continue throughout the year and throughout my life, so I don’t become close-minded.

However, getting around to the subtitle of this post, a great deal of my year has been spent on both writing (my hobby) and editing (my job), which inevitably means I spend many hours staring at a computer screen. To counteract all those hours of screen time, I have banned myself from the Internet on weekdays (except for work-related stuff and checking email). I’ve removed myself from the few social networking sites I was on, and I am better off without ‘em.

I think my rest-of-the-year resolution should be to get a new hobby that doesn’t involve staring at a screen. Like gardening or cooking or bird watching. Or political activism, but that would likely turn me into a raving lunatic. Perhaps I should just stick to writing the old-fashioned way, on paper with pen, so I won’t be able to say that my favorite hobby adds to my screen time. 🙂

How’s your year so far? Have you been keeping your resolutions?

6 thoughts on “State of Your Year: Staring at Screens

  1. Friends don’t let friends become raving lunatics, or something like that. 🙂

    I always enjoy your “ramblings” and even learn a thing or two regarding writing, too. I’m glad your year is going fine so far. Here’s to the second half: may it involve giving your eyes a break from the screen.


  2. I’m glad your year is going so well, I don’t really make resolutions, but in any case a lot of this year has been determined by forces outside my control.

    However, I did plan to finish the edits to my mystery story collection, which I’ve done. And I thought I’d start a new story, which I have done also. So, I guess I’m pretty much on track, so that’s good.


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