Possessed by Demons?!

I recently finished reading Malice House by Megan Shepherd, which, as you can probably tell from the title, was a horror novel.* One of its main themes was how writers and artists can get very involved in their work, to the point where it almost seems to come alive. In the back matter, the author stated that she was inspired to write the novel because of that strange sensation one gets while writing fiction: sometimes it seems almost like another entity takes over and does the writing for the author, like an out-of-body experience, akin to communing with a powerful outside force.

Back when I wrote fiction, that used to happen to me. It was like I was no longer in the real world but in the world of the novel I was writing, just observing the characters and recording what I saw. Often, when I read my old writing, I don’t remember writing it. It is actually pretty strange.

Some would say that this is probably a good way to let in demonic influences, as if writing fiction is actually a method of channeling forces beyond the reach of the material world, sort of like an Ouija board. Honestly, depending on what I write, I can’t always tell if my writing is inspired by good. Maybe it’s more neutral, like it’s coming from my subconscious mind. My intention with every piece of fiction I wrote was for it to ultimately have a positive message. Before I stopped writing, I’d considered putting more Catholic overtones in my main series but was unsure how to pull that off without sounding obnoxious or like I was preaching. And although its main character is something of an antihero, XIII is essentially about good versus evil, and (spoiler alert) good wins in the end.

So I don’t think my writing is a gateway to demonic portals or that I’m possessed by demons (although my husband could probably argue otherwise). 🙂

*It was pretty good. I’d recommend it if you like horror/gothic novels. However, I did get the sense that there would be a sequel.

3 thoughts on “Possessed by Demons?!

  1. “Often, when I read my old writing, I don’t remember writing it. It is actually pretty strange.”

    I used to be in bands, many decades ago, and I saw an ex-bandmate once, who had a cassette tape of one of our gigs. I’d never heard this tape, so I listened to it, and there was one song that I didn’t remember at all. From the style of the song, I’d obviously written it, but I didn’t remember writing it, I didn’t remember rehearsing it, and I didn’t remember performing it. It was a weird feeling.

    (And, no, I was not into drugs, other than beer. 🙂 )



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